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Regardless if you are thinking of expanding your business fleet of forklifts or if you are just starting with your very first lift truck, the number of decisions that go into selecting a used or brand new forklift can be overwhelming. There is such a huge range of alternatives such as internal combustion or IC engines, electric models or the newest hybrid lifts. Making time to review your requirements and get what you want out of your machine in order to facilitate loading and unloading applications for your warehouse or dock is really vital.

Of course a large consideration like with the majority of big purchases is the upfront expense. Be sure to consider the long term cost associated with operating your forklift. Like for example, keep in mind that your biggest cost in this category is going to be the expense to fuel and operate your lift truck.

Among the current IC forklifts on the market these days, the diesel unit tends to offer some of the cheapest fuel and operating expenses. These kinds of forklifts can out-power and out-lift your typical electric lift truck with no trouble.

There are many pros and cons connected with diesel forklifts just as there are with all lift truck units. The following is a brief guide for buying diesel lift truck models in order to help determine the model best for your needs and help you cut through the confusion. By knowing about the potential pitfalls, you will be ready to make a wise purchase.

More than likely the largest benefit enjoyed with diesel forklifts is their low operating cost. Typically, diesel is the cheapest fuel choice for internal combustion lifts. Though electric lifts are less costly in the long run, they don't necessarily work the best outdoors.

While diesel lift trucks are ideal for outdoor applications, they are however not used properly indoors. The emissions from a diesel units can be hazardous if not ventilated correctly in an indoor warehouse. Furthermore, diesel forklifts are significantly louder compared to their emission-free electric counterparts.

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