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Cascade Clamps

Cascade Clamps

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Cascade Manufacturing Company was established in Portland, Oregon in 1943. They started out as a small machine shop initially hiring four people. Product sales for their initial year of operation amounted to about 60 thousand dollars. The very first recorded sales revenues involved the machining and assembly of stainless steel valves, pipe fittings and different parts. During five years of operation, the company had expanded to 40 staff and their annual sales volume had increased to three hundred thirty thousand dollars. Now, Cascade is one of the top global manufacturers within the material handling trade.

Manufacture and design of the company's first hydraulic cylinder paved the way in Cascade's aggressive quest of better business opportunities. Over the past sixty years, the material handling trade has matured into a very sophisticated area and Cascade has proudly played a part on this development. Cascade presently continues to develop as the leader provider of forklift attachments and numerous related products. The business feels assured in their potential to continue to lead the way within the business by understanding buyer's requirements in the future and remaining aggressive in the world market.

In the nineteen fifties, Cascade started designing, making and promoting hydraulic accessories. Manufacturing was completed in 1956 on a brand new facility to house all of the plant and office operations in Portland, Oregon at the company's current headquarters. Following 15 years of business, total staff reached a hundred and eighty workers and sales had reached practically $2,300,000.

A second manufacturing plant was built in 1959 in Springfield, Ohio. The year 1960 marked Cascade's preliminary move into the global world of the material handling industry when the company recognized interest in Australia, the Netherlands and England.

In the year 1964, the business changed its name to the Cascade Corporation. Then in 1965, the business went public with an initial offering of 200,000 shares of common stock. Ever since then the business has expanded its manufacturing amenities throughout the continental USA to the locations Warner Robins Georgia to go along with its already present plants in Portland, Oregon and Springfield, Ohio. Cascade products are manufactured globally because of a lot of subsidiary operations. In 1994, a brand new facility was accomplished in Almere, the Netherlands which is Cascade's European command center. This facility is built to be the ultimate customer support centre.

Cascade further expanded their product base in 1996 and the year 1997 after buying 5 companies, which included the Kenhar Corporation, the global best in blades.

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Hyster Parts in Los Angeles
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